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August 11, 2012
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+Legend of Korra+ - Mako - Impromptu by supernovadobe +Legend of Korra+ - Mako - Impromptu by supernovadobe
:bulletgreen: Mako from Legend of Korra :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: Photoshoot: This actually wasn't a photoshoot- I was lucky to get this picture taken as a passing moment when I was at AX- later the photographer let me know she had taken my picture, and thus, here it is!

Also no one in this series has a last name- which is understandable! I guess...Tonraq and Senna were Korra's parents but they just call her Avatar Korra. Hahaha.

:bulletgreen:As for the costumes, I obviously created Mako's cannon outfit BUT I MUST STRESS I DID NOT DO THIS ALONE. Sometimes when it comes to patterns and fabrics I get confused, my Bolin, also known as *Admantius drafted a pattern for me that I used to create the entire outfit from then. No one helped me after that other than *Antiquity-Dreams to fix one of the shoulders so that it didn't look pinched because I was sewing three layers of fabric together just for one shoulder seam and it was frustrating me to the point of going cross eyed. Either way the costume came out great and I enjoyed wearing it despite all the people who teased me when I was in cosplay- which brings me to a specific point I had in mind.

Why is it that a lot of people are being so aggressive towards Mako?

Mako and Asami broke up before the team split up, Korra and Mako heading towards Amon, and Bolin and Asami off to diffuse the main forces of the resistance against benders. Their exchange, Mako saying sorry, and Asami's kiss on his cheek, was all they really needed to say for them. Just because it wasn't a public service announcement doesn't mean it didn't happen. They had already established that it wasn't going to work and it was a mutual break up that didn't require a dramatic flare. Yes the writers could have done a better job, but it's just the way Mako and Asami are. It's the kind of people they are. I would appreciate it if I didn't receive any more hate because "Mako and Asami never officially ended."

To read more about what I'm talking about specifically when I reference hate follow the link here: [link] This was my opinion on the general day of cosplay I had in Mako. To say the least it felt like, at least to me, that some people didn't want to distinguish, or in some cases, could NOT distinguish the difference between fantasy and reality. Costume Play is made to emulate a character, the art of it is to look most like the character as plausible, sometimes it can also attribute to things like Live Action Role Play -but for me, this only goes so far as in jest, and I do not actually consider myself Mako. So to address me in crass manner when you are a stranger, while can be considered entertainment and in good play, or flattery-, as how I have decided to take it, can also be taken very differently depending upon the individual. So to address the fandom I suggest to be a bit more cautious socially in reference to this costume or any costume in general. You may actually take someone's fun away if you don't exercise discretion.

This is also my opinion on LoK politics in general regarding racism: [link]

And because I love Penny Arcade, I can't help but add this: [link]

Photo by: :iconelethian-photography:
Editing done by: :iconelethian-photography:

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I have said it before on all your other LoK pics. You are an AMAZING Mako. It is obvious that the character is very important to you, and that you took perfectionist level care in making this costume. It is amazingly well done, and something to be very proud of. Thank you for doing the hair properly, and taking that initiative to make the eyebrows correctly. Saw a lot of Makos who didn't, and it upset me XD Amazing job, and I hope I get to actually see you in this in person, since I missed you at AX XD
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Alright: i'm sitting here fangirling because you are such an AMAZING Mako! Most certainly the best one i've seen so far, and i've seen quite many the last few days. The whole cosplay itself is well sewn (from what i can see), Great hair, great cosplay over all. I think this is very close to a perfectly realistic Mako.

The whole cosplay is amazing, great job! I hope to see more of Mako, and legend of Korra cosplay over all. :squee:

By the way i love your cosplays over all, but this is most certainly my favourite of them all. <3
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